Nurses and Health Professionals

KSC Law represents registered nurses and other allied healthcare providers before the Maryland Board of Nursing and state licensing authorities. We represent nurses and other practitioners in various aspects of their employment, including licensing issues and grievance disputes

The Maryland Board of Nursing routinely investigates employer, patient, and consumer complaints against healthcare practitioners. The Board of Nursing is also responsible for regulating and overseeing the nursing profession, including issuing charges and imposing disciplinary sanctions for violations of the Maryland Nurse Practice Act and other governing laws—up to and including revocation or suspension of professional licenses.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals need competent and effective representation before the Board.  Our attorneys have the skill, experience, and knowledge—of both the healthcare practice and of the administrative law processes governing the practice—to guide a nursing professional through these challenges, and to work towards obtaining a favorable outcome.

If you receive a formal complaint or request for information from the Maryland Board of Nursing, you need to retain legal representation.  Too much is at stake to risk representing yourself.  Contact us if you received notice of an investigation from the Board, or if you face allegations of:

  • Falsification of medical reports
  • Theft of drugs
  • Documentation errors
  • Criminal charges
  • Failure to report
  • Patient abuse or assault
  • Failure to comply with professional requirements
  • Failure to timely pay licensure fees